Who We Are

McGann + Partners is an agency/production company hybrid located in Los Angeles, California. With over 60 years of collective agency and production experience, we believe that the most powerful brand messages happen when the crafts of strategy, writing, design and production are closely combined. We work with brands and agencies in a project-based structure in order to build truly crafted, organic and efficient story-centric content.


Being a hybrid, project-based company, we help our clients in two primary ways:

1. We work with brands to create a customized strategy that leads to a unique brand voice. From here, we are able to create and produce content that is driven directly through our in-house linear production process. The result is a cohesive and fully-integrated creative solution, executed and produced in any given media. 

2. We also work with brands and agencies from the point of production, where a brand or agency has a pre-determined strategic and creative direction. In this instance, we help our clients produce organic, efficient story-telling content that truly understands and reflects what the marketing and creative objectives are, resulting in more relevant, insightful and engaging creative content.